Office Cleaning

The importance of maintaining a clean and tidy office is paramount for any employer; it is no secret that a clean and tidy environment boosts productivity and improves the general well-being of employees, both mentally and physically.

An office is a representation of the business, and should, in turn, reflect the image you are trying to evoke. The image to suggest, to both current and prospective clients, is that your business is well cared for and that their custom will be treated with care as well. A clean and well looked after office suggests a well-run and cared for business.

Godfrey Group Facilities clean a wide variety of office spaces, both large and small, UK wide. We can dedicate as many highly-trained staff as are required, to fit the necessities of your site, at hours to suit you.

Germs can spread with ease in a close working environment such as an office, with many people in tight proximity of one another. The spread of germs from surfaces such as desks, kitchen tops and bathrooms can be dramatically reduced; we adhere to colour coded cleaning systems ensuring optimum levels of hygiene across your site and a reduction in the risk of cross contamination from one area to the next.

This eliminates the risk of germs latching on to cleaning equipment and being spread around to alternative areas, ultimately reducing the spread to bacteria which can lead to sickness and absence of employees.

At Godfrey Group Facilities, we believe everybody should work in a comfortable and hygienic environment; we offer bespoke cleaning services to suit your business needs, at a time that is convenient for you and your staff. Whether your office is small, or eight storeys tall, with two kitchens and three bathrooms on every floor, Godfrey Group Facilities have the capacity to provide a first-class service, tailored to your needs.


Window Cleaning

Clean windows can make a building look like new; it is the attention to detail that aids Godfrey Group Facilities to deliver an outstanding level of service. Our window cleaning services, which are inclusive of ten years of experience, are a real testament to these standards and the importance of detailed cleaning.

Throughout these ten years, we have tackled all obstacles shrouding window cleaning, including height and access, while complying rigorously to Health and Safety standards.

Godfrey Group Facilities regularly clean domestic windows for housing associations and local authorities. We are also engaged in periodic cleaning of great public  artworks, across the North Wales area.


School and University Cleaning

At Godfrey Group Facilities, we know the importance of a clean school, for the pupils to learn, and the teachers to inspire within. We are also fundamentally aware of the importance of a clean school to Ofsted, prospective and current parents and for local authorities responsible for safeguarding children.

Children and teachers are toward the top of the list as those at the highest risks of picking up and transmitting infections, due to the high social contact of the school environment. We have all seen how easily a bug can spread throughout a class, causing absences in teachers and pupils alike. It is imperative for the health and wellbeing, as well as the educational advancements, of your pupils that the school is maintained in a way designed to drastically reduce the spread of bacteria.

At Godfrey Group Facilities, we adhere to EHO codes of conduct and have implemented colour coded cleaning across all sites. Colour coded cleaning allows us to drastically reduce the risk of the spread of bacteria from one area to another, allowing our cleaning teams to achieve the highest standards possible.

We have the ability to take on schools, boarding schools, nurseries and universities; including accommodation, kitchens, offices, classrooms, lecture theatres, gymnasiums, department foyers and bathrooms.

There is nothing more important than the safeguarding of children; we provide full background checks for all our cleaners and ensure that they are cooperative with the ethos of your educational establishment. We have the ability to monitor our cleaners’ progress throughout your school electronically, sending any issues directly, so that these may be eliminated as and when they arise.


Holiday Park Cleaning

Godfrey Group Facilities are a distinguished choice for Holiday Parks UK wide, already holding contracts from Cumbria down to Brecon, and developing our business rapidly within the leisure industry.

We are not a prominent choice for Holiday Parks by chance, but by design; we apply progressive RFID (radio frequency identification) cleaning systems at all our customer locations, which ensures our customers reap a variety of benefits not currently offered by any other UK based housekeeping company.

The implementation of this technology will prevent late check-ins at your site by sending cleaning confirmations directly to reception. These confirmations include a fully audited cleaning account ensuring first class quality control.

The technology will eliminate the need for housekeeping staff to report in and out of reception, providing your front of house with a primed and professional introduction to its guests.

All guests want to get their holiday off to a good start, and often, the stress of waiting for accommodation can set precedence for the rest of their stay; this technology ensures guests can check into their respective accommodation in a relaxed environment, and start their holiday as they mean to go on.

RFID confirmations also provide guests with the ability to check in early, the moment their accommodation is ready and enables us to report any maintenance issues directly, so they can be resolved as and when the problem occurs.

We also provide a designated site manager, to oversee the daily running of Godfrey Group Facilities, further ensuring we maintain our high standards and excellent customer relations. We are connected to our mobile workforce 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, through our uAttend system, and we have the ability to sustain the service of existing staff, transferring their employment (TUPE).

Godfrey Group Facilities have no transient staff; all staff are directly employed by ourselves and we ensure that they are as dedicated to our business values and ethos as we are. All of our staff are identifiable by smart Godfrey Group Facilities uniforms.

We understand the importance of housekeeping within the leisure industry, and are aware of the impact poor performance can have. For this reason, we review Hoseasons, TripAdvisor and similar relevant sites on a regular basis, ensuring quality control and maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction.

You will also receive full support from our head office, which is centrally based in the UK; all at competitive rates.

We are confident of our level of service, and the impact that the innovative technology can have; we offer free demonstrations of our RFID cleaning systems to validate exactly how we can streamline your changeover days.


Theatre and Venue cleaning

In the entertainment industry, first appearances are often everything. At Godfrey Group Facilities, we believe the same for entertainment venues and theatres. We look after a variety of local theatres and venues, ensuring they leave a lasting impression for the right reasons.

We provide highly trained staff and evaluate your venue, offering a bespoke service to fit your requirements. Godfrey Group Facilities are able to perform upholstery cleaning on site, as and when this is required.

We have the ability to perform ad-hoc work, understanding the fluctuating demands of theatres and venues during peak times, such as Christmas and school holidays. We can increase our level of services to suit your needs.

We are also aware of the historical significance of many theatres and venues, taking great care in the work we do to ensure the maintenance, as well as cleanliness, of more established sites. We take extra care when cleaning venerable aspects of your theatres, nurturing these historic sites in the hope of prolonging their beauty and practicality.

Whether you own a small independent cinema or an opera house, you can be safe in the knowledge that Godfrey Group Facilities can provide a first-class service tailored to your needs.


Building and Maintenance

Godfrey Group Facilities undertake a broad variety of building and maintenance work for countless diverse sectors. Notably within this umbrella are public buildings; social housing; industrial estates inclusive of units, warehouses, factories and offices; education facilities including entire University campus’ and caravan and lodge holiday parks.

We are qualified to undertake an assortment of different work including kitchen and bathroom fittings; flooring and tiling; decorating; electrics; plumbing and roofing (this list is not exhaustive, see below for our full list of services).

We have the ability to take on entire housing associations, Universities; whether 1 or 4 campuses and much more, undertaking every aspect of their cleaning, building and maintenance work. We have the ability to offer a bespoke service, tailored to the business requirements.

  • Kitchen and Bathroom fittings
  • Flooring and tiling
  • Odd jobs/handyman
  • Decorating
  • Electrics
  • Plumbing
  • Roofing
  • Joinery / Carpentry
  • Plastering
  • Brickwork
  • Gas / Heating - LPG
  • Disabled adaptations in pre-existing homes


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